We are in the 'Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme' and all our work is fully insured and guaranteed.

If you just want some advice on what the best way of tackling your water supply or leak problems we are happy to help!

We offer a free, no obligation quotation service and the price we quote, will be the price you pay.

CKR Utilities ltd

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We offer all our services to anywhere within the Greater Manchester area.

This includes…

Tameside, Oldham, Stockport, Trafford, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Rochdale and Salford.


Whatever the weather


Some of our recent work

“There are no call out fees and free quotation.  We are water industry approved and fully insured”

CRAIG BROADHURST, Company Director

"Over the past 2 years I have numerous companies out to try and fix the leak in my garden. Craig and his team arrived on site and located and fixed the leak within a couple of hours, I was amazed at their service, you could not tell that the lads had been working there."

MR Richmond, Stockport

“A brilliant pair of lads.  Courteous, helpful, you couldn’t wish for better.  They have actually done extra work to not only locate my leak but repair it as well.  They could have just fitted a stop tap, as per their job instructions and walked away.  Instead, they have done extra work to incorporate the leak.  They have saved me hundreds of pounds and they did it all in the rain.  You wont find better service than that.”

Mr Kirkman, Manchester

"After buying a new shower I was really disappointed that my water pressure was not strong enough to run it properly. I contacted Craig and he explained that it was because I was on a shared supply. He came and fitted a new water supply for me and arranged the connection with the Water Board, the shower now works brilliantly!"

Mrs Phillips, Delph












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We offer excavation tailored to each leak, whether that be hand dug, machine dug or grundomatting (moling). All excavation works are done with minimal disruption and we will ensure the holes are back filled and the ground surfacing is restored.


We offer all levels of leak detection including tracing of pipe location, leak finders, ground mic's and leak correlation. We are experts in finding leaks, no matter how big or small.


We offer a 'dig and fix' service and guarantee leaks will be repaired on the same visit, including site clean up and restoration of ground surfacing. Alternatively if you only require the leak detection service (e.g. for insurance purposes), we can provide this and liaise with your own contractors, or those of your insurance company.

We are a family run utility company and pride ourselves on honesty and hard work




Company Director

The below is just a snippet of the work which we have carried out

Whatever the size of your job, please get in touch

Tel: 01457 831 091

Mob: 07792 748 205

Email: craig@ckrutilities.com

Web: www.ckrutilities.com

CKR Utilities Ltd
Ash Hill House, Ash Hill


DF Procedure

If you have been served a DF Notice (a letter from the water company informing you that you have a leak on your property and it is your responsibility to get the leak repaired), we pride ourselves on offering proactive solutions to provide you as the customer minimal disruption i.e. we will avoid wherever possible the removal of kitchens/flooring and other internal works. We will also liaise with the water authority on your behalf to keep them informed of progress to repair the leak.

No Water

If you find yourself without water, we will endeavour to restore your supply on the same day and liaise with your Water company.  New Water Service - If you have poor water pressure, you want your lead water supply replaced in plastic or you are on a shared supply we can install a full new water supply and arrange connection by the Water Authority under the LCSP scheme (connection of your new supply to the mains).

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